Our Perfect Start – Design thinking

A perfect start demands an understanding of customer needs and behaviour, B2B and B2C relationship differences and even clear difference between a customer and a user. Design thinking makes this possible. Hence, it is at the centre of everything we do. Design thinking also gives us a tool to think creatively, work collaboratively and prototype rapidly.

Innovative Product-
Focus on function, not just form

Innovation doesn’t come easily to most companies. What looks like innovation is often a continuous improvement of previous forms rather than an improvement of the core function. We focus to optimize the function ignoring the form. With “BothBrain” - creative and commercial - approach, we work together with customers and users from idea conception all the way to testing and scaling an innovation.


Immersive experiences – What we design, people desire

Delighting customers by improving experience at individual interaction touchpoint is a challenge. Through design thinking and storytelling, we move from touchpoints to user journey mapping and deliver improved customer experiences.


Customer forgets other things, but never forgets interactive and valued experiences. Our excellence in analytics enables us to build capabilities for personalized digital customer engagements.

Conversational Interfaces

What if human and computer have mutual conversation? We make it possible using our expertise in Voice Interface Design, NLP and Machine Learning.

Complexity Reduction – Superior value at inferior cost

Technology transformation is both a blessing and a curse depending on a company's ability and desire to adopt and deploy the emerging tech into existing product offerings. We help to manage this prime complexity lever through simplicity, automation and clean code implementation.


For us, the end being quality software product that is easy to use and easy to work with. We simplify software product through design consistency, good use of semantics and proper use of well-known culture markers.


We build reliable software, which allows companies to concentrate on more value-adding initiatives, which are imperative for the growth. Through in-built RPA, we help companies to streamline workflow, implement auto-remediation, eliminate errors and reduce chaos.

Low Technical Debt

We want our software product simple inside out. Our architects choose right framework & tech-stack and developers follow standard coding practices to ensure that developed code is clean and doesn't carry technical debt.


Leveraging Emerging Tech – Deliver the future, today

The leveraging of the emerging and powerful tech helps our customer to create new, innovative business models, grow sales and gives business comptetitive edge. Emerge tech acts as a catalyst to demand generation, customer experience, operational efficiency and agility. At Coderian, we help businesses leverage the power of following emerging technologies to achieve the best business results.

1. Voice UI and Conversational Interfaces

2. Micro-service architecture

3. NLP & Machine Learning

4. Artificial Intelligence

5. Blockchain